The Secret Sauce To Deal With Your Child's Hidden Fears and Anxieties

The Secret Sauce To Deal With Your Childs Hidden Fears and Anxieties

By Elina Bagshaw

The importance of understanding

People often ask me, ‘What’s the secret sauce behind being constantly successful at eliminating learning challenges, anxieties, fears and behavioural issues with children?’

Here it is.

I have learned to see all interactions with children through the lens in which they look through (and not my own).

This has given me tremendous insight into knowing exactly what the child is thinking and most likely how they are going to react. Imagine if you were to know:

  • What to say and what not to say.
  • What will work and what will not.
  • What will engage them and not bore them to death.
  • What they need and want to be able to be successful at school and life.


This journey is as much your child’s as it is yours. Commit to asking yourself the following questions:

  • How will my child react?
  • How will they feel?
  • What will they think in reaction to what I am about to do right now?

Asking these questions can be a huge eye opener

Much of learning how to best help your child is at an unconscious level.

Every child that I work with, I take the time to look at the world through their eyes, from their perspective and their state of mind.

The right mindset and the importance of a bond

It takes the right mindset. It takes a non-judgmental mindset, a caring mindset and a courageous mindset to ultimately resonate with a child – your child.

When we are able to create this kind of bond with children, making them feel relaxed and comfortable to open up, it enables us to see the world through their eyes and into a place that was once closed off.

Ultimately, it enables the correct assistance to move the child beyond the fears, anxieties and learning blocks, to a new place.

A place where they can flourish! And isn’t that really what we want.

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