Our greatest reward is a student who achieves educational success.

We love to work with our students to ensure that they reach a level of competence, confidence and educational clarity that will stick with them for life!


I feel like Einstein!

Brandon U. – Age 10, Aurora Ontario.


It was wonderful having Aim’s support and expertize in identifying our son Michael’s strengths and needs. The tutoring program that enabled him to go from a C to a B+ in several key subjects!

Barbara H., Newmarket, Ontario


We loved the fact that Aim provides the tutor at our house. This saves us from driving back and forth to another location, enabling us to focus on the things that matter. Our daughter and son have seen improvements in their grades, confidence and with their abilities to tackle new challenges with positive attitudes. We can’t thank you enough!

John and Jen K., Aurora Ontario


Our daughter looks forward to learning for the first time in a long while. Her grades have improved significantly, her confidence has grown leaps and bounds and we have peace of mind knowing that her needs are being focused on while using her strengths to her advantage. Thank you very much Aim!

Alexandrea H., Aurora Ontario.


Our son who was diagnosed with a learning disability some years ago is now getting the educational support and assistance he requires. Through Aim’s diagnostic assessment, key areas were identified requiring support. The prescriptive tutoring that Kyle now receives has help immensely with Kyle’s marks, demeanor and confidence. Thank you Elina!

Joanne D., Aurora Ontario.


I have great resect for Aim’s tutor’s abilities! It was a very beneficial experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aim to anyone.

Jeff K., Newmarket Ontario.


I wanted to personally thank Aim for providing me with excellent tutors during my grade 12 year at Newmarket High School.  I called Aim because I wanted to increase my overall average and I also needed help with English and Math. I am pleased to say that I was accepted at Ryerson University! I would not hesitate to recommend Aim to anyone!

Sabina F., Newmarket Ontario.

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