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Immediately decrease school anxiety and noticeably improve academic results.

How Much Do You Want Your Child’s Test Anxiety to Disappear?

If you are worried with your child feeling overwhelmed and panic at test, exam time or with projects, let’s change that today.

Be an Agent of Change for Your Child

You want to make a difference in your child’s life. By allowing your child to Eliminate School Anxiety, your child will have a different relationship with learning, success and life. You are assisting your child to become their authentic self.



Your child will show up more powerfully in the world as someone who actively participates.

They won’t be afraid to take on challenges or opportunities.



The Essence of Eliminating School Anxiety

When you make the decision to Eliminate School Anxiety, your child will develop a reputation for being calm, collected and for having it together. 

It means you no longer have to constantly worry that your child will be ‘stressed out’ or unable to achieve the stellar test, exam or project results they are capable of getting.

Instead, the question you will be asking is… ‘What will my child achieve next?’

Let’s Get Started and Help Your Child

So let’s look at Eliminate School Anxiety in more detail.

Eliminate School Anxiety is custom designed to eliminate test, exam and project anxiety for your child.

It uses new tools, techniques and strategies to help your child:



Understand that they can overcome test anxiety, identify a positive outcome they want and empower them to take responsibility to write tests, exams and complete projects with ease.


In addition, Eliminate School Anxiety teaches your child to:

Understand what motivates them and how to get information to ‘stick’.


Five Unique Components:

  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Prioritization
  • Accomplishment

The Outcome You Can Expect

Stage 1

What results you will see:

  • Your child’s test anxiety will be reduced significantly.
  • There will be a noticeable improvement in their self esteem.
  • You will begin to have a better connection with your child.
  • New healthy habits will begin forming.
  • Your child’s marks will begin to improve. 

What will stop for you:

  • The daily pain of stressing, worrying and fighting.
  • The time spent trying to figure out why things aren’t improving.
  • Energy spent trying to find a solution.


Stage 2

What results you will see:

  • Your child will be empowered and begin leading their life.
  • Specific goals will be put in place to ensure they have a focus for what they are wanting to achieve.
  • New habits will be formed.
  • They will take responsibility for their actions.
  • You will see month 1 results continue to form and improve. 

What will stop for you:

  • Trying to get your child to actually do something.
  • The energy drain from constantly checking on their progress.

Stage 3

What results you will see:

  • Your child will prove to themselves that they can achieve what they want.
  • Their calmness will extend to all aspects of their life.
  • Your child will be more confident and self assured.
  • You will have a clear understanding of what is important to your child.
  • Your child will be committed to their self improvement. 

What you will have:

  • A sense of relief that you and your child will make it!
  • You will see your child calm and confident about their future.
  • You will know that your child is committed to what is important to them.
  • You will know that they can use the tools and techniques they have learned and apply them to any new situations that come their way.


It’s This Simple

If you are not completely satisfied with the results of Eliminating Test Anxiety for your child, we will continue until you are!

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